Citizens Rights and Freedoms

Every Zimbabwean is entitled to the following rights and freedoms

  1. Right to life;

  2. Right to personal liberty;

  3. Right to inherent dignity in their private and public life;

  4. Right to bodily and psychological integrity;

  5. Right to human dignity;

  6. Right to personal security;

  7. Right to equal protection and benefit of the law;

  8. Right to equal treatment for men and women;

  9. Right to privacy;

  10. Right to freedom of assembly and association, and the right not to assemble or associate with others;

  11. Freedom of expression and freedom of the media;

  12. Right to demonstrate and to present petitions;

  13. Right to use the language of one’s choice;

  14. Right to freedom of conscience, opinion, religion and belief;

  15. Right to economic and social rights (health, housing, food, water, social security & education);

  16. Political rights;

  17. Protection from slavery, servitude & forced labour;

  18. Fair administrative action;

  19. Right of access to justice;

  20. Right to a fair hearing;