Zimbabwean Ministries & their Functions

1. Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation

Functions: The Ministry maintains and also enhances Zimbabwe’s agricultural productivity by exercising control, regulating, advising, and information dissemination functions through various acts, policies, and programmes.

Important laws that are relevant for sustainable agricultural development include: the Plant Pests and Diseases Control Act, the Animals Health Act, the Plant Breeders Rights Act, the Fertilizers, Farm Feeds and Remedies Act, and the Agricultural Research Act.

Application of mechanical technology and increased power to agriculture to enhance the productivity of human labour and to achieve results beyond the capacity of human labour.

The Minister and 2 Deputies: Joseph Made, Davis Marapira (cropping, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development) and Paddy Zhanda (Livestock)

Contacts: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development 1 Borrowdale Road Ngungunyana Building Telephone: +263-4-709081/+263-4-706081 Fax: +263-4-734646. Email: postmaster@moa.gov.zw

2. Ministry of Defence

Functions: Defend Zimbabwe’s independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests.

Participate in the creation of common regional security architecture.

Contribute to the maintenance of international peace and stability.

Provide military assistance to civil authority in times of need.

The Zimbabwean military, like that of any democratic country, is one of the elements identifying national values and security interests and as such, must complement, and not conflict with political, economic, social, demographic and informational elements of national power.

The Minister: Sidney Sekeramayi.

Contacts: Defence House Cnr Kwame Nkrumah / 3rd Street Harare

Telephone:+263-4 250042, 252050-7, 700155-8,700077–8 Website:

3. Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education

Functions: To promote and facilitate the provision of high quality, inclusive and relevant Early Childhood Development (ECD), Primary and Secondary Education, Special Education, Lifelong and Continuing Education.

The Minister and Deputy: Lazarus Dokora, Paul Mavhima

Contacts: Ambassador House 14th Floor Union Avenue, Harare

Telephone: +263-4 734071/4, 734051/9 Fax: +263 734075

4. Ministry of Energy & Power Development

Functions: Develop and establish an effective legislative and regulatory framework to facilitate orderly operations of the electricity industry sector.

Ensure availability of adequate supplies of electricity to facilitate economic growth and sustainable development.

Facilitate the infrastructure development in the power sectors of the economy.

Accelerate the pace of rural electrification in Zimbabwe.

The Minister and Deputy: Dzikamai Mavhaire, Munacho Mutezo

Contacts: Chaminuka Building, Ground floor Cnr 4th st/Central Avenue, Harare

Email: postmaster@energy.gov.zw, power@energy.gov.zw, Telephone:+263-4 733095-9, +263-4 799194

5. Ministry of Finance

Functions: Manage the Consolidated Revenue Fund, the National Development Fund and the public debt portfolio.

Formulate and administer the National Accounting Policy.

Formulate and administer the National Budget.

Mobilise financial resources to finance Government Programmes.

Collect revenue due to Government, in particular through the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA).

Analyse the performance of public enterprises and advise on matters of financial policy.

Carry out macroeconomic reviews and recommend policies that promote macroeconomic stability necessary for sustainable economic growth and development.

Give policy guidelines to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

The Minister and Deputy: Patrick Chinamasa, Sam Undenge

Contacts: New Complex Building, Government Composite Offices, Cnr 3rd Street/ Samora Machel Avenue; Harare, Telephone:+263-4-794571-7, Fax:+263-4-796563, Email: finance@energy.gov.zw

6. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Functions: Formulate and execute Zimbabwe’s foreign policy, including the establishment and maintenance of diplomatic relations.

Serve as a point of contact for foreign representatives in Zimbabwe, other countries and international organisations wishing to do business with Zimbabwe.

Promote good political, economic, social and cultural relations with other countries in order to safeguard Zimbabwe’s sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity as well as to enable it to realise its developmental aspirations.

Lead in the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral treaties and conventions and ensure compliance with their provisions in order to derive maximum benefits attendant thereto.

Administer the Zimbabwe Privileges and Immunities Act in conjunction with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic and Consular Relations.

The Minister and Deputy: Simbarashe Mumbengegwi, Christopher Mutsvangwa

Contacts: Munhumutapa Building, Samora Machel Ave P.O. Box 4240 Harare, Zimbabwe Telephone : 263- 4 727005/9 : 263-4-794681/Fax: +263-4-705161.

7. Ministry of Health & Child Welfare

Functions: Provide quality and safe health services through a network of health facilities organized to function on the basis of increasing levels of sophistication.

Making health services more responsive to the needs of individuals, families and communities.

Ensures the country has the highest possible level of health and quality of life for all citizens.

Formulating and implementing cost recovery measures, investments and management of trust funds, Health Services Funds and related accounts, and the costing of products and services emanating from the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare.

The Minister Deputy: David Parirenyatwa, Paul Chimedza

Contacts: Kaguvi Building, 4th Floor Central Avenue (Between 4th and 5th Street)

Telephone: +263-4-798537-60 Fax: +263-4-729154/ 793634 Email: pr@mohcw.gov.zw

8. Ministry of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development

Functions: The Ministry is responsible for quality assurance of Higher Education and to

determine the policies and direction of the higher educational system in Zimbabwe.

Formulate an effective Science and Technology policy and implement within different institutions and to guide efforts aimed at encouraging girls to improve their technological capabilities.

Establishing a strong scientific and technological base through strengthening of the teaching and learning of mathematics and science.

The Minister and Deputy: Olivia Muchena, Godfrey Gandawa.

Contacts: New Complex Building, 6th Floor, F Block, Cnr 3rd Street/ Samora Machel Avenue; Harare Telephone:+263-4-736862 Fax:+263-4-706516

9. Ministry of Home Affairs

Functions: The Ministry undertakes the country’s internal security and guarantee order and peace of mind of all Zimbabweans. It governs several matters, including the following:

Zimbabwe Republic Police

  • Registrar General,

  • Immigration,

  • National Archives of Zimbabwe,

  • National Museums and Monuments of Zimbabwe,

  • Board of Censors,

  • Lotteries and Gaming Board

The Minister and Deputy: Kembo Mohadi, Ziyambi Ziyambi

Contacts: Mukwati Building Corner Fourth Street and Livingstone Avenue, Harare, Telephone:+ 263-4-703641 +263-4-703643 Fax:+263-4-707231 Email: postmaster@moha.gov.zw

10. Ministry of Industry & Commerce

Functions: The Ministry promotes the development of vibrant, sustainable, and globally competitive industrial and commercial enterprises, and fair trade practices through the provision of conducive policy and regulatory frameworks.

Formulating, implementing, coordinating, reviewing, and monitoring policies in industry and commerce, as well as enhancing the development and promotion of quality standards for industrial products.

The Minister and Deputy: Mike Bimha, Alice Mabhuwa.

Contacts: Mkwati Building, 13th Floor, Corner Fourth Street and Livingstone Avenue Harare, Telephone: +263-4-791823-7/796498. Fax: +263-4-253137

11. Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services

Functions: Develop appropriate policies and strategies that enhance provision of information

and communication technological innovations.

Spearhead the development of appropriate regulatory frameworks that facilitate the promotion of information and communication technology.

Champion and promote ICT literacy and utilization in the country in order to

enhance regional and international competitiveness as a nation.

Promote and coordinate national ICT research and development of software,

hardware and infrastructure so that it reaches best international standards.

Develop, administer and publish licensing, certification and registration regulations for all postal, courier, telecommunications services to ensure the orderly development of the communications sector.

The Minister and Deputy: Webster Shamu, Win Mlambo.

Contacts: Bank Chambers Building, 76 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, Telephone: +263-4-707347/ 708407, Fax:+263-4-763016, Email: postmaster@ictministry.gov.zw

12. Ministry of Justice, Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs

Functions: Execute the constitutional and statutory functions of the Ministry in terms of all laws .

Carry out legal research for the purpose of formulating policy towards the enactment of new legislation or amending existing legislation.

Advise other Ministry Departments in the formulation of policy and the execution of statutory functions.

Raise public awareness of the laws in force and their rights and obligations under the laws.

Coordinate Parliamentary Liaison Officers from Ministries;

The Minister and Deputy: Emmerson Mnangagwa, Fortune Chasi

Contacts: New Government Complex Corner Samora Machel / Fourth Street, Harare, Telephone +263-4-774560 or 774620/7.

13. Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare

Functions: The Ministry is entrusted with the responsibility of promoting sound labour relations, the prevention and management of labour disputes, with the sole purpose of ensuring stable and peaceful industrial relations which are prerequisites for a conducive environment for economic growth and employment.

It also provides and coordinates social welfare services.

Capacity build to ensure excellence and efficiency in the delivery of public service goods and services.

Initiating reforms to strengthen and ensure Public Service management and administration.

The Minister and Deputy: Nicholas Goche, Tongai Muzenda

Contacts: 9th Floor, Kaguvi Building, Cnr. Central Avenue/Fourth Street; Harare

Telephone: +263-4-704085/703871/705151, Fax: +263-4-793930

14. Ministry of Lands & Rural Resettlement

Functions: To develop a methodology and plan for the national land audit in Zimbabwe, through updating of the land categories and allocation databases.

To develop a consensus based land audit methodology in line with the National Land Audit Framework.

The Minister and Deputy: Douglas Mombeshora, Tendai Savanhu

Contacts: Block 2 Makombe Complex, Cnr Harare Street/Herbert Chitepo, Harare;

Telephone: +263-4-797325-30, Email: postmaster@lands.gov.zw

15. Ministry of Local Government Public Works and National Housing

Functions: To promote sound local governance.

To provide professional, technical, construction and maintenance services in property development.

To facilitate the provision of affordable and functional residential accommodation.

To promote mitigation and preparedness planning for emergencies and disasters.

To co-ordinate central and local government programmes and development initiatives.

The Minister and Deputy: Hon Ignatius Chombo, Hon Biggie Matiza

Contacts: Makombe Building, 1st Floor, Cnr Leopold Takawira St/Herbert Chitepo St, Harare, Telephone: +263-4-794166/796757/793700/251114, Fax: +263-4-791470. Email: auditors@mlgurd.gov.zw

16. Ministry of Media, Information, & Broadcasting Services

Functions: The Ministry is responsible for media in Zimbabwe and government public relations.

Plays a catalytic role in disseminating information to the people through print and electronic media.

Administration of Radio and Television and all other matters relating to broadcasting.

Coordination of Publicity activities of the different Ministries/Divisions and Zimbabwe Missions abroad.

The Minister and Deputy: Jonathan Moyo, Supa Mandiwanzira

Contacts: Munhumutapa Building, 1st Floor, 55 Samora Machel Avenue

Harare, Telephone: +263-4-706891-4/737502, Fax: +263-4-937537, Email: info@zim.gov.zw

17. Ministry of Mines & Mining Development

Functions: The Ministry regulates the minerals sector, and the administration of mining laws and provide any potential investor with the information they need to invest in the mining industry.

The Ministry is also responsible for the safety and health inspectorate function and also reviewing license applications.

The Minister and Deputy: Walter Chidhakwa, Fred Moyo

Contacts: ZIMRE Centre, 6th Floor, Cnr Leopold Takawira/ Kwame Nkrumah

Harare, Telephone: +263-4-777022/9, 798771-3,798775, Fax: +263-4-777044, 798774, Email: postmaster@mines.gov.zw

18. Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises and Cooperative Development

Functions: Implement the SMEs policy.

Formulate policies for SMEs development.

Develop legal and regulatory framework for SMEs development.

Promote, coordinate and monitor innovative financing schemes for SMEs.

Provide skills and management training that support entrepreneurship and small business growth.

Facilitate linkages between large-scale enterprises and SMEs.

The Minister and Deputy: Sithembiso Nyoni, Noveti Mukonora

Contacts: Liquenda House, Corner Nelson Mandela/First Street, Harare, Telephone: +263-4-731002/3/6/8, Fax: +263-4-704953, Email: info@smecd.gov.zw

19. Ministry of Tourism & Hospitality Industry

Functions: To develop Zimbabwe into a world class tourism destination.

To facilitate the delivery of high quality, sustainable tourism products and services that contribute to the economic development of Zimbabwe.

The Minister and Deputy: Walter Mzembi, Walter Kanhanga

Contacts: 11th Floor Kaguvi Building, 55 Samora Machel Avenue, Telephone: +263-4-727044/759391/770897 OR Livingstone House, 48 Samora Machel Avenue, Harare, Telephone: +263-4-727579/ 794175/708006

20. Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure Development

Functions: Plan, design, construct and maintain state roads and bridges.

Provide strategic policies and plans to public enterprises within the Ministry.

Provide services that ensure safety of road and water traffic.

Supervise, administer and control relevant national and international regulations, treaties and protocols of all aspects of the transport and communications sectors.

The Minister and Deputy: Obert Mpofu, Petronella Kagonye

Contacts. Kaguvi Building , 13-17th floor, Central Avenue, Between 4th & 5th Street. Telephone: 263-4-700991-9/700693-9/707121-9 Fax +263-4-708225, 737358.

21. Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate Resources

Functions: Formulate and implement sustainable policies on the development, utilization and management of water resources in cooperation with user communities and institutions.

Design, construct and maintain medium to large size dams and water supplies to satisfy present and future domestic, industrial and mining water requirements.

Provide clear/treated water for urban areas in consultation with the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development.

Design, construct and maintain dams, weirs and boreholes to meet present and future irrigation requirements.

Responsible for the overall/national planning, management, regulation and standardization of irrigation development and adoption of appropriate technology.

The Minister and Deputy: Savior Kasukuwere, Simon Musanhu

Contacts: Kaguvi Building, 11th Floor, Central Avenue (Between 4th and 5th Street) Harare, Telephone: +263-4-701681/5, Fax: +263-4-753649.

22. Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Gender, & Community Development

Functions: The Ministry is responsible for gender and community issues in Zimbabwe.

Empowering women through policies, strategies and programs that promote their participation in national development.

Promoting gender equality and equity so that there is equal and equitable access, control, utilization and ownership of resources.

Empowering communities so that they are self-reliant and are able to participate at all levels, in all spheres of their lives for sustainable development.

The Minister and Deputy: Oppah Muchinguri, Abigail Damasane.

Contacts: Kaguvi Building, 8th Floor, Central Avenue (Between 4th and 5th Street), Harare, Telephone: +263-4-251599/707741-2,

23. Ministry of Youth Indigenization, and Economic Empowerment

Functions: To take the lead in developing, refining and monitoring the implementation of the indigenisation and economic empowerment policy.

To make sure all Zimbabweans fully understand the indigenisation programme and participate in empowerment programmes.

To ensure that a majority of Zimbabwean youths fully understand and benefit from the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme.

To engage Zimbabweans in the Diaspora so that they fully understand and participate in the indigenisation and economic empowerment programme.

The Minister and Deputy: Francis Nhema, Mathias Tongofa.

Contacts: Mkwati Building, 17th & 20th Floor, Corner Fourth Street and Livingstone Avenue, Harare, Telephone: +263-4-707741-3, Email: postmaster@mydie.gov.zw

24. Ministry of Sports, Arts and Culture

Functions: To draw national cultural policies in consultation with The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe (NACZ) set up by an Act of Parliament in 1985.

To spearhead the promotion and development of the sports, arts and culture.

To foster, develop and improve the knowledge, understanding and practise of the sports, arts and culture in Zimbabwe

The Minister and Deputy: Andrew Langa, Tabeth Malinga

Contacts: Ambassador House 14th Floor Union Avenue, Harare

Telephone: +263-4 734071/4, 734051/9 Fax: +263 734075

25. Ministry of State for Liaising on Psychomotor Activities in Education Vocational

Functions: Integrate primary education and vocational training to produces educated and productive personnel.

To implement Nziramasanga Commission Report of 1999 on education so that Zimbabwe does not produce only educated, but productive people.

To synchronise primary, secondary and vocational training.

The Minister: Josiah Hungwe

26. Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs

Functions: This Ministry is a non-cabinet ministerial position and the functions have yet to be publicly defined.

The Minister: Flora Buka.

27. Ministry of Presidential Affairs

Functions : This Ministry is a non-cabinet ministerial position and the functions have yet to be publicly defined

The Minister: Didymus Mutasa

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