Our History

The KuvakaZim project was born from a general concern regarding the accountability of Zimbabwean Members of Parliament and their duties in regard of their representative role. At first, a group of friends meeting informally and brainstorming about answers for more democratic institutions and social inclusion, the soon to become KuvakaZim, created a space where individuals could share their eagerness to support and elevate their country. While discussions created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm regarding solutions shared, it also became apparent that many Zimbabweans lacked basic knowledge of the duties of their MPs, which consequently left politicians to act opportunistically, to shirk in their duties and ignore the needs of those who vote for them.

As a response to the real and pressing need to make accessible and disseminate very often primordial information on the functions of government and its organs, the KuvakaZim website was then created in July, 2012 on a Saturday afternoon. During then, there was a coalition government of ZANU PF, MDC-T and MDC in Parliament. The launching of KuvakaZim website was put on hold because of elections which were to be held in 2013 and the group agreed to wait for a newly elected House of Assembly to kick start the project.

Taking stock of these obstacles, we are firmly convinced that there is no perfect time to start engaging our politicians than now in order to clear the climate of mistrust that clouds our political space in Zimbabwe. As daunting as it is to achieve and preserve it, democracy was and remains at the center of the struggle for freedom, a gift from our founding fathers and mothers; it therefore is our right and duty to protect it.